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Old 05-02-2006, 12:01 PM
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Default Winston-Salem scouting report

Well, I finally got a chance to check out the Warthogs this year for 2 of the 3 games they played in Wilmington, DE (The Blue Rocks are a Boston affiliate) last weekend.

First, let me say they have a real nice stadium and field for a High-A team just 75 minutes from Baltimore and 40 minutes or less from Philly right off of I-95. Serve some nice micro-brews and philly cheesesteaks. Yummm. Also have a little outlet mall (not much there for people who like the finer things) and a few nice restaurants/bars/clubs right there in a little complex that is supposed to be kind of a rejuvenation effort. Very Blue collar town and certainly felt "Carolina League-ish" in terms of the people attending the games.

I got to see Lucas Harrell and Jack Egbert on Fri and Sat nights in a couple of close games.

Pitchers first:

Harrell: He's filled out nicely since I saw him last (Bristol in '04) and he's also added a little zip on his fastball. No radar readings in the stadium but just going off impressions and previous notes. His curveball is sharp and can be an out pitch, but he got burned several times on hanging curves and the HR he gave up was on a really bad hanging curve right over the inner middle of the plate to a powerful lefty. Was a lined-bullet to the RF corner. He still doesn't have/use any reliable 3rd pitch. It looked like he was using his change-up occasionally, but didn't appear to have confidence in the pitch. Threw strikes, worked relatively quickly, has a nice tempo and delivery.

Egbert: The best part of his outing were his family/friends (he's from just up the road in NJ) yelling stuff to/at him all game, every pitch he was in there. He had an outstanding outing. Threw a ton of strikes, worked from ahead in the count, used his fastball to get ahead and both a slider and changed speeds on his curve as his outpitch. Has a lot of pop on his fastball. Again, no gun in the stadium that I could see during the game, but I would guess he worked well into the low-90's (93/94) and maintained that velocity into the 7th inning... Challenged hitters, worked fast, has a herky arm-motion that throws hitters off a bit. He does seem to tip his curve a little in his delivery/motion (can see/feel him slow things down a little), but it didn't seem to matter. Very solid pick-off move for a righty, picked-off a guy and had most baserunners hugging the bags. Overall, very impressed. Pitched with a lot of poise despite being yelled at the whole game by his old man hollering "Come on Shooter" and "Lay it in there, Shooter" as loud as he possibly could. and his friends hollering the whole game. Would not be surprised to see him move up in a 6 weeks or so following the draft (if not sooner)...

Jay Marshall: Was not impressed when I have seen him in the past, but ladies and gents, meet the new Boone Logan. Has changed his motion to submarine/sidearm. Threw hard, threw strikes, and even better, already has a good slider/change-up out of that delivery... Was pretty impressed.

Zaleski? Ack. Basically a filler. Didn't see enough of Hernandez.

Bakker? In the Saturday night game he was on for a save and gave up a single that was being stretched into a double... Cook got to the ball in LF and threw a strike to Garrett Guest at 2nd base... he was out by 3 feet... called him safe... This is why scab umps blow. Was an incident in the first game as well that was a TERRIBLE call. However, Bakker totally collapsed after that, giving up 2 more hits in the inning and blowing the save. Wasn't as impressed with his "stuff" as I was expecting, frankly.


Hansen: Looked overmatched against the better pitchers he faced. He is a plodder on the paths, and doesn't have a real position out there right now. Takes a big hack at everything

Gomes: You can see why the Sox are high on him. He has a CANNON of an arm. Sweeney/Anderson-quality, a legit RF-arm. He might lack some experience in the OF (for example had a gapper he should have caught but put his glove up about 5 strides early and slowed him down just enough to miss it), but he is fast, fluid, and overall a very good defender who had the opposition intimidated when it came to trying to trying to score from second on a single or trying to take an extra base. Hits his cut-off man, with accuracy and velocity, nice to see. He's better-built than given credit for and has very-good but not-great speed, although he has enough speed to be a good CF'er. At the plate he looks like he is really struggling right now. Came out of the gate on fire and looks like he can't right the ship just yet. Hit a few balls hard, but overall seemed to have trouble laying off and/or catching up to decent high-heat (maybe 92 - 94 mph) Seemed to kill a few big inning chances the Hogs had in both games. Still impressed overall despite his struggles at the plate.

Donny Lucy: Fluid behind the plate, a hair disappointed in his arm strength, although his footwork and release is solid, his handling of the staff is good, and I never saw him misplay a single ball in the dirt, with or without runners on base. Very solid behind the plate. In the batter's box, I wasn't terribly impressed. He did make solid contact a few times and has real nice speed for a catcher )not Jason Kendall in his prime, but top 5% of catchers I'd guess). Works the count, fouls off balls he can't handle, but doesn't seem aggressive enough or lacks something at the plate I can't put my finger on after just 2 recent viewings... Well built kid who certainly looks the part.
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Old 05-02-2006, 12:45 PM
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Egbert is like clockwork. He picks somebody off almost every game.
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Old 05-04-2006, 02:37 AM
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So seeing Gomes in action.... you think he can right the ship?
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Old 05-04-2006, 10:16 AM
Randar68 Randar68 is offline
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Originally Posted by CleeFan101
So seeing Gomes in action.... you think he can right the ship?
Yes, the league has made some adjustments. They are pounding him up in the zone with heat and on the inner half and he hasn't adjusted back yet.

I think he's talented enough to do so, but with a kid without any kind of track record at the plate, it's hard to predict how he responds.

In short, we'll see, but he's talented all the way around.
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