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Old 04-04-2013, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
I'm not ignoring his statement at all. I included it in my previous post. He said he would wait until 2015 to worry about a contract extension. That doesn't mean he's going to quit.

The last time I signed a contract, I waited until the last possible day before I turned it in. Why? I wasn't having second thoughts about the job. I wanted to have time to review the contract and also to have an attorney review it, because my contract includes a "no compete" clause. I wanted to be sure that I understood the exact language of the clause, so that I didn't inadvertently violate the contract at a later time.

Robin's situation is different, but that doesn't mean he's going to quit. A number of athletes opt out of their contracts when possible not because they intend to walk, but because they want to test their market value as a negotiation tool. I don't know if that's what Ventura is doing, but nothing about his behavior this season has left me with the impression he questions his fitness as White Sox manager.

I don't why you're repeating it, as I said it once in the original post.

My implying that you are in error (something is wrong with you) is an attack? Good grief!

Ridiculous. You cannot assume that Robin will lose his job based on other managerial changes, particularly not if the White Sox perform well. I know they're not expected to win, but expectations don't always have a basis in reality.

He said that he wants to be sure management is satisfied, not that he believes he isn't qualified. I've said similar things about myself, not because I was questioning my fitness for a particular job, but because I recognize that my wishes aren't necessarily those of the people around me. That's life. Robin understands that, and seems to have a good perspective on things.

I don't buy that, because every time I hear "best left-handed hitter" mentioned, names like Hamilton, Votto, and Cano are the ones I hear mentioned most often. I've never heard Prince Fielder praised as the best left-handed hitter in baseball. I've never even heard his name praised as the best left-handed power hitter in baseball, as many people still believe that if Ryan Howard can stay healthy (not likely), that title remains his to lose.

If you can show me an article where Fielder is listed as the best left-handed in Major League Baseball, I'll reconsider my position.

They aren't. That wasn't my point. You referred to the Detroit Tigers as "a once in a generation" team, citing the presence of Cabrera, Verlander, and Fielder as reasons why. I was simply pointing out that those three were also present last season, a season that saw the Tigers win absolutely nothing. How can you call a team that finished second best a "once in a generation team?" That's ridiculous.

That's exactly what I mean. One can estimate future production based on past performance, but an estimate is not a guarantee, something I've stressed over and over again on this board.

1. I addressed the first point earlier in this post.

2. The White Sox outperformed expectations, so it's hard to believe that anyone would fire Ventura over their September collapse. His job could certainly be in jeopardy if such a thing kept happening, but we're not at that point yet. Right now, Sox management is extremely pleased with Ventura and his staff. Until evidence surfaces that proves otherwise, I'm comfortable with Ventura as manager.

3. I addressed this point, as well. Ventura said nothing that led me to believe he questions his fitness for the job. He simply left open the possibility that management would change its mind, which is a realistic point of view. Robin played for several different managers during his time with the Sox, and he probably realizes that decisions regarding each person's job status weren't always made based on performance, and is mentally preparing himself for the possibility that factors beyond his control may determine his future as White Sox manager.

If it makes you feel better, I don't have any plans to burn you at the stake.

You're accusing me of trolling when you pollute this board with more unsubstantiated bull**** than any other poster? That's rich.
RK I understand your argument for why you don't think Robin will lose his job. I just don't see why my argument is such a big deal/stretch. The only logical reason for denying my right to it is homerism, vendetta, or a combination of the two. My reasons are still accurate. They may not turn out to be right, but this is a prediction thread. Those factors can contribute to the outcome I've indicated.

Things aren't unsubstantiated bull**** when you're unwilling to acknowledge factors and their potential outcomes. Once again...this is a prediction thread. No one is talking about certainties. Only what might happen. Disagreeing with me is one thing. Indicating something is personally wrong with me because you don't want to hear it is so ****ing petty. If I were any other poster, it would be a violation of the board rules.
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