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Old 03-25-2005, 01:10 AM
chez742002 chez742002 is offline
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Post ESPN on the White Sox Farm System!!

I was watching ESPN and Jeff Brantley and Peter Gammons were discussing farm systems. Peter Gammons said that the White Sox farm system has made the largest jump in prospects that he has ever seen. He said the Sox started 2004 without any prospects that were listed in the top 50 and that none of them were major league ready or even close to be major league players. Brantley agreed and went on to say that he thought Brandon McCarthy had become the #1 pitching prospect in the minor leagues (meaning that he would start in the minors and not in the big leagues) and that McCarthy had the best control, composure and ability to throw 3 pitches for strikes at any time in the count since Mark Prior. Prior, however, was and is a much more powerful pitcher and McCarthy has more finesse in him.

They also brought up Brian Anderson, Ryan Sweeney, Josh Fields, Kris Honel, Gio Gonzales, Francisco Hernandez (19 yr old catcher), Chris Young and lastly Joe Borchard. They believed Borchard would break through if he was given the chance to because there is now a lot less expected of him. The rest of the players named were said to be "big time" prospects with at least 4 of 5 tools and most would be major league ready by 2006 or 2007 at the latest!!

They ended up naming the Sox in the top 5 of both of their top ten lists (Brantley #3 / Gammons #5) and I was ecstatic and proud and I could not believe the Sox were getting credit for something. I guess the organization does know what they are doing because they have not lost any real talent from the trades for Alomar and Everett (even though the 2nd Alomar trade was dumb). The people who thought they are smarter than Kenny Williams(people who thought K.W. was ruining the farm club), do not look they really knew what they were talking about. Where is Royce Ring saving games, (he was not even in Mets Spring Training at all) ? How about Edwin Almonte, infielder Andrew Salvo or Matt Guerrier (whom the Sox traded for Marte)??? John Rauch is in the Nationals bullpen (not starting) along with a decent reliever in Gary Majewski. Anthony Webster and Josh Rupe are not doing much and Frankie Francisco is either in jail, deported (or he should be) and not allowed back in the U.S. (for hitting the woman in the crowd with a chair)!!

I know we have lost Josh Fogg, Kip Wells, Michael Morse and Jeremy Reed, who still have time on their sides, but, at least Kenny was trying to do something. He was trying his best to get the team in the playoffs. Yes, the Sox have not made it, but, they will and I hope Kenny keeps trying to get us in the World Series, rather than worrying about the farm system. I enjoy hearing about and watching about prospects, but over 75% of the time, they do not pan out(maybe it is just the Sox). When you look at all the prospects Kenny has traded for experienced players, the Sox have not lost that badly and they have suceeded with Everett and Garcia. The Sox have lost numbers in the farm system, but, who wants numbers if they cannot play for your major league team. It does not matter if you trade crap! It only looks like between 2 and 4 of the prospects we have lost are going to be major league players and no one really knows how good Jeremy Reed or Michael Morse are going to be any way? So, maybe it will only be 2 (Fogg and Wells)!! I just hope Kenny keeps aggressive in trying to get a World Series Champion for the most deserving fans in the world .... Sox Fans!!!

Just do not trade Brandon McCarthy! That would make Sox fans
very angry and Kenny, you do not want to see Sox fans angry!!

But not drinky , druggy and/or stupid!!!!----- Go

Just ask this man about that!?!?
In no way am I saying that I agree with anything that was done to this man, he was an innocent bystander and the idiot, drug addict, criminal that hurt him should be incarcerated for a very long time and I wished he was for the attack on Gamboa, but he was not! However, he was arrested for a parole violation about 6 months ago, so let's all hope he gets it high and hard because he gave ALL SOX FANS a black eye, that we do not deserve!!

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