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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
This is a tired argument made by people who can't admit that the Sox might be better at player development than they think. Quintana was the #6 SP in the ENTIRE AMERICAN LEAGUE last season. Yes, that is probably a bit over his head, but his talent after 400 innings in the Majors is undeniable. To call him at #4 pitcher is laughably, almost trollishly, pessimistic. Please tell me what teams are out there who wouldn't find a spot at the top of their rotation for a guy with 33 starts, 200 IP, and a 3.50 ERA. It's not a very long list.

If Quintana was on any other team in the league, people would be COVETING him. We'd be desperate to acquire a 24-year-old pitcher with a 118 ERA+ in his first two seasons in the Majors. But since he's on the Sox, eh, maybe he's a back-end of the rotation kind of guy. :eyeroll:
My point wasnt Quintana, maybe he is a 3. My point was and is that its a major "if" for this team to be able to compete with their 3,4 and 5.
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