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Originally Posted by MinnieMinoso View Post
I just want to be buyers and not trading any of the young talent we have right now. I agree we need a right fielder and pitching but trading the young talent would just create more holes to fill again. Spend the money to fill the holes.
I agree; and certainly don't trade for these 1 year players....the "who could have known?" prospect we traded for one of those was a top 3 MVP finalist.
Now if they want to trade for similarly situated young players, then fine.

As for the drafts, at some point there has to be accountability; yet there just never is any accountability. Yea, you can always say "3 other teams passed on X" - fine, in any given situation there are always a few orgs just as bad. But the Sox consistently seem to be in the group of teams that "could have." And Burger and Burdi were silly reaches anyway.
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