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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Last I checked our prediction contest doesn't cost one single dime to play and very few of the posters claim to be some kind of expert or have tried to pass off their predictions as anything more than a best guess. Maybe some people out there are running some kind of statistical analysis to come up with their numbers but I doubt it and I don't think any of our prediction contest people are charging anyone money to view their stab at the crystal ball.

See that's the part that I find most hilarious is that there are a lot of statheads who actually think BP has some kind of special ability to predict this stuff and buy into the projections. Stats have a place in baseball and mean something, but BP tries to make it the e all and end all of the discussion and bluntly speaking, it's not.
Well those people are as hilariously misguided as the people who think BP is just some rag that nobody really pays any attention to. I mean ****, even a moron can see that things like injuries, roster moves, etc. will completely alter the roster of a team, in many cases, before the 1st pitch of the season is thrown. Nobody takes the BP projections to Vegas and drops $1,000,000 on the Sox winning exactly 77 games. If you think that's what people do with these then your "opponents" are figments of your imagination.

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