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Originally Posted by ChicagoG19 View Post
I would be sad if they ever moved to the suburbs. First, the team is the Chicago White Sox, not the Addison White Sox. Second, I think stadiums bring economic activity to areas that need it. The suburbs don't need the help and generally more affluent folks move out to the burbs.
If memory serves, Reinsdorf hired a market research firm which came to the conclusion that many of the Sox fans that used to live on the south side and near the ballpark had moved out to the suburbs and settled in Addison and the surrounding areas (Berwyn, Hinsdale, Westmont, Westchester, etc.). It wasn't just a matter of land but the demographics of the area as they tried to move their ballpark closer to their core fans. I'm not sure if it would have worked but it would have been interesting to see if a suburban ballpark could have thrived. It certainly would have been far more convenient for suburban fans to get to the games and they would have a lot more people with money living close to the ballpark that wouldn't have to battle the brutal Chicago traffic arteries like the Kennedy or Dan Ryan.
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