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A few things, first re the proposed move to Addison, IIRC one of the stumbling blocks there was where the park was to be built, it would have displaced some wildlife, (in Addison?) so the Sox would be fighting the environmentalists, another reason for the public not to like them back in the 80's, so that idea was trashed

Also a few yrs after the dust settled on decision to build at 35th Street, the was a report, not sure if it had validity that the State of Florida and the City of St Pete had not offered everything that JR had claimed they did and the St Pete deal wasn't the sweetheart package that was represented.

Wish I could say just win and they will come but not all true. Like a previous poster said, if the Sox had waited a few more yrs to see what the new parks looked like, they might be better at least cosmetically. I think US Cell was the last 80's type built in MLB
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