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Originally Posted by khan View Post
I can agree with this view.

But what degree of confidence do you have that the SOX won't screw the pooch on these additional picks, and go for signability rather than talent?

For my part, I have little confidence that the SOX would take FULL ADVANTAGE of any additional picks, based on their history.
I have little confidence that they eschew signability for strictly talent. Especially if they end up gaining many picks. More picks = more money spent. When your team habitually is in the bottom of draft spending it doesn't bode well for having many additional selections. They did however pick and sign Trayce Thompson with the OCab 2nd rounder. (Pheglegy was the Supp) I don't think Trayce cost a boatload, but that pick deviated from the norm as he is a prep player, quite toolsy, and has a very high ceiling. He might have been one of the few outliers though.
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