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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
It's not's hatin'. As in, "your shoes look stupid." "why you hatin'?"

Different meaning
IMO, Hatin' is generally based on superficial reasons or jealousy. If it becomes just a generic catch all phrase for "doesn't like this or that" regardless of if there are valid reasons it loses all meaning.

If a poster said, "Robin sucks. He's always driving around in his fancy car with his gorgeous wife and last week he wouldn't even talk to me when he was driving into the parking lot for the game." That would be hatin' on Robin and clearly motivated by jealousy and/or ego.

Saying, "I don't think Robin is a good manager (or the best manager for the White Sox)." isn't being a hater, it's having a discussion about the best path for the team.

In fact (again, IMHO) calling that disscussion, hatin' is acting like a "fanboy" - which is the opposite of hatin' where a person idolizes another person to such an extreme degree that no criticism is allowed.

I like Robin the player. I'm not convinced he's the right man to lead the White Sox. I am not convinced he's the wrong person either and am willing to give him another season or two to find out. After all the team is rebuilding anyway. If Robin doesn't advance as a manger by the time the team is ready to compete for at least a division title again then I will want someone new and that won't change my opinion of Robin the player or the person. I'll still think he's a decent guy and will have fond memories of the time he spent playing for the Sox.

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