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Originally Posted by ChicagoG19 View Post
I believe it may be a misunderstanding at this point. When using the word "hate" on a sports forum, I never intend it or take to to mean hating the person personally. Most of us don't know the players or managers personally, so I would not take it to mean someone hates these guys personally. I use the word "hate" on a sports forum to mean that you don't like the person as a manager or player or don't think very highly of them as a player or manager.
As I suspected it's a semantic argument. Yeah I get the impression Kittle doesn't think much of Robin as a manager either.

Personally I'm on the fence. He's got the right temperament, can he develop the instincts and knowledge base where making the right decision is second nature. Of course it will come down to whether he has the talent to succeed to. Great instincts won't mean **** if the team sucks...

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