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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Okay I just can't let this go. Seriously Sully is about as off base as possible on Verlander, and I don't want people to leave this thread thinking, AT ALL, that his motion is considered violent. Verlander's motion is marveled at in the scouting community, because he is able to derive so much velocity with a minimal amount of shoulder-hip separation. The minimal amount of movement versus the velocity he creates is unparalleled at least in recent baseball history , probably all time (a large reason he is so special, because logic dictates this would minimize velocity in favor of control and less wear). There are thousands upon thousands of resources out there discussing this at length. For ANYONE to EVER claim that Justin Verlander's delivery is violent shows they have little knowledge or understanding of even the most basic of pitching mechanic dynamics.
And yet he had arm fatigue and pain in his first year, and it showed in bursts of performance lag. The very same bursts of performance lag that Sale showed in a couple brief moments this past season. You used that as evidence against Sale, and it was wrong. That was my point. And again, there is no such thing as good pitching mechanics. Throwing overhand is not a natural human motion. Throwing as hard as Verlander does is absolutely violent. There was a time when people thought Mark Prior had "perfect mechanics." It's more about genetics than anything else.

Oh, and I'm still waiting for an example of when Sale was throwing an 83 mph fastball, as you mentioned earlier.
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