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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Career-threatening injuries are less about bones and muscles and body size, and more about ligaments and tendons, the strength and resilience of which are impossible for even the most experienced of scouts (and statisticians) to assess with any degree of certainty.

Since Sale hasn't had to have surgery, and none of us has operated on him, none of us are qualified to render an opinion on the strength and resilience of his tendons and ligaments.
Oh for the love of God. First off, that's entirely mularky. Ligament and tendon strength can be indicated. Heck, I'm not even a doctor and I know there are tons of indicating factors for weak ligaments. Oh and hey, joint pain is one of them! So, I dont' know, if your elbow keeps flaring up and you can't throw as well, something's probably not strong enough to take it!

And secondly, people misuse the phrase "with any degree of certainty". There are degrees of certainty for injury projections. Scouts for every team make them. It's what they're paid to do.
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