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Originally Posted by blandman View Post

Man do yourself a favor and just google "justin verlander pitching mechanics". You use words like "violent" to describe things the world uses words like "smooth" for.

Justin Verlander is 6'5'' and 225 pounds. That is a very very big man. Even if you don't think Sale is frail (even if by baseball pitcher standards he's probably the most frail guy in the game right now), how you expect even a similar motion to affect both guys the same way is without an sort of rational basis, let alone one that is completely different in every way possible.

I can't really argue with you anymore because the position you're arguing from doesn't have a basis in reality to anyone else.
I don't think you know what the word "frail" means. Skinny is not the same thing as frail. Not at all. A 300 lbs. man who is all muscle can be more frail than a very skinny man. Frailty has nothing to do with the visible build of someone.

And even if we disagree on whether Verlander's delivery is violent (it is), the whole reason that I compared the two players in the first place was to point out that even one of the most durable pitchers in the game (Verlander) had almost exactly the same small bouts of fatigue and difficulty in his first year starting as Chris Sale. In actuality, Verlander's bouts of fatigue in his first year were worse than Sale's. You, despite any evidence, attribute Sale's small bouts of difficulty (which you overstated, as usual) to injury, where I very much doubt you would have attributed Verlander's similar, but worse stretches as anything but fatigue.
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