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I feel that this promotions thread has been beaten to death, but when you see the scheduled promos it makes you nuts.

Probably more than any other professional team in town, the Sox have the most to gain from good promotions. Unlike Bulls, Hawks, and Bears, which play to full houses, the Sox can move the attendance needle for a game with a unique promotion ( taking it to the extreme, see Disco Demolition night.) Giveaways are part of that. Not only can they draw, but the first 10,000 limit tends to have people line up at the gates at 5:00. And get them in the park early. Think they may have a hot dog and a beer? The Sox promos seem limited in number by their ability to get sponsorship, without some bean counting to determine whether they would pay for themselves in gate and concessions.

As for the tired nature of the current list of dates, Mullet Night should absolutely be retired. It's a stupid affirmation of an outdated Sox fan stereotype. The rest are fine since people seem to enjoy them.

And again I plead, hire the Blackhawks scoreboard folks and have them put together a professional opening video montage. That thing last year with "The Show" and whatever that clip rehash was supposed to be looked like the Middle School AV club presentation.
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