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Originally Posted by whitesoxfan1986 View Post
Unfortunately, the Sox aren't getting top prospects for any of their players. Top prospects are almost as untouchable as Pujols or Verlander in their prime right now. The cost certainty that they have make them that valuable. I doubt anyone is going to get anybody's top 5 prospects in any trade. If the Sox want to trade the players on the block, they are going to have to settle for prospects in the 7-12 range of a system. This is the new normal, that top prospects are more valuable than proven major league talent. The only way that some GM will part with a top prospect right now is if that GM is desperate for a winner.
Then my answer would be to keep Peavy,Sale,Reed,Santiago,Quintana,Jones,and Beckham and try to unload the rest for the best prospects,salary relief or other MLB players made available.