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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
IMO, the whole mechanics causing injury thing is absolute BS. Some guys have an arm that can hold up, despite mechanics, and some don't. I think it's more about a pitcher's body having the natural ability to withstand the pitching motion than anything else. It's just a crapshoot.
True. Also true is over time, (starting in 2013?) Sale's velocity will decline.
Rather than the 97mph 15 KO blazer, he'll be routinely working in the 90-93 range. Now, this is pretty standard. A good comparison would be Tim Lincecum, a lanky guy with funky delivery. I bet at this point SF is grateful they didn't commit to 8 years with their Cy Young honoree. I expect a similar trajectory for Sale. UNLESS he starts to develop command of his off-speedo junk a la Freddie Garcia. Chris Sale will not be a lights out performer for an extended time, but I think he has the talent to transform into a finesser as time goes with the wind. My 2 cents.
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