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Originally Posted by WhiffleBall View Post
In the Trib this morning it said that the reason premium lower box prices have not been announced is because they are restructering that section. My guess is that they are going to increase pricing on seats in the first 5-10 rows between the bases.

Good call on figuring out that the free ticket survey is more than likely what was used to make these changes.

I'm surprised they kept lower box seats the same price. Lower box seats just past the bases and the first 5-10 rows down the line are decent but many seats in those sections are just "ok". It's a much different experience (i.e. better) watching the game even in the last row of section 130 than in the 15th row of section 114 or the 10th row of section 113. If I had season tickets in the lower box then I would seriously consider moving to one of the now much cheaper sections. Premium upper deck and bleacher seats now comes out to $19 per ticket and a seat in lowered reserved is not much more. That is not bad at all.

Season ticket holders in the first row of the bleachers and outfield reserved are making out like bandits with this new pricing. Those seats almost always sell for a premium on the secondary markets.

Full Season Prices:

2013 Pricing
Lower Box - $2916 ($36.55 per ticket)
Outfield Reserved - $1701 ($21 per ticket)
Bleachers - $1539 ($19 per ticket)
Premium Upper Box - $1539 ($19 per ticket)
Upper Box - $1053 ($13 per ticket)
Upper Reserved - $810 ($10 per ticket!)
Premium Club Box - $3683 ($45.47 per ticket)
Club Box - $3439 ($42.46 per ticket)
Agreed. I never understood why the Sox have so few pricing zones. Why in the world is someone in the last row of section 121 paying the same as someone in the first row of section 129?
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