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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
Not to offend, but Sec 115 is not considered a "Premier" Location to me.

Someone in your situation definately would be looking to move to the now heavily discounted areas around the park.

Premier to me are the following:
- scout seats
- Gold Coast
- LD Box exactly between the bases (about 3/4 the length of each dugout).
- Club Level (dugout to dugout).

If you own those seats and can afford them, I don't see how you would give them up regardless of the discounts being handed at other sections of the park.

And as far as I can see by the turnout at each game, those seats mentioned were about 85% full even on nights when only 12K were at the park. Keep in mind the Sox are very anal about protecting their premier seat locations and not allowing people to sneek in to them when they don't belong there.
You included Lower Box in your post. 115 is Lower Box. You should be consistent in your posting.

Why should I move to another section when I can very easily walk up to the park and buy tickets to games I want to go to and be stuck with a bunch of April and May games where it is Bears weather? The Sox were in first for most of the season and nobody complained about not being able to get tickets. Even with the price reduction that won't change because of the holdback.

The Sox are not "anal" about keeping people out of the Premier Seats. I've never had trouble strolling into them.

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