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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
I agree that going into this season that Detroit is "the team to beat." I also thought that in October, the Lakers were the team to beat in the Western Conference. You gotta play the games, right?
Pretty much and even if Detroit wins 105+ games next year (which I am going on the record now that I am highly, HIGHLY skeptical of), so what? Nobody gets an award for being the best team in the regular season. If the 2012 Tigers, a miserable collection of talent that spent most of the season under .500, can win the pennant then the only goal really does seem to be to just find a way to get to October.

Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Yeah but the Lakers had a ton of issues, including depth and attitudes. This is a Tigers team that severely underachieved, but meshed at the right time, pulling together to both make the playoffs and then get into the World Series. Now they took that team and added great players to their few deficiencies.

I don't know where the holes are. Some people say pen, but their pen is solid. They just lost their closer. They've got a great rookie ready. Suppose he falters...the Tiger's system is not bereft. This would be an issue for maybe two months. They'll be plenty of closers available, just as there are every year.
This is a ridiculously inconsistent argument in that every prognisticator that you bow down to about Detroit a few posts ago also had the Lakers as a lock to be one of the top teams in the West. So you can't have it both ways. If you're going to cite how all the "experts" out there are drinking the Tiger Kool-Aid hard then you have to also be willing to live with the fact that the "experts" are wrong plenty of times. I mean ****, last year, every baseball expert around told us how the addition of Prince Fielder would make Detroit one of the top teams in the AL and they only won the division and finished in the top 1/2 of the AL because thanks to the Sox's pathetic September meltdown. Would we all be talking about Detroit as a surefire lock to dominate the Central if the Sox could have even gone .500 against KC and won the division?

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