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The Sox will likely be under new ownership by the time the current lease at the Cell expires. Regardless, I don't think there is any way in hell the Sox will get any more state money toward a new stadium. Once the current lease ends in 2027, I think the Sox can say goodbye to their current sweetheart lease deal.

Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
I'm with you there.

But if I have to choose between the Sox spending on better players, fixing the farm system and figuring out how to market better vs. a bigger video board, I know which one I'd choose...
The problem is that the Sox are doing neither of these things. So, this either-or proposition doesn't exist IMO.

Even if the Sox were to offer to start making a serious investment in revamping the talent level in the organization, I just don't by the argument of "well, what do you want? Good players or a decent scoreboard? We can only have one of these things"

If the Sox are such a shoestring operation that an investment to upgrade the scoreboard would come if they sacrificed any effort to infuse more talent into this organization, then that's just pathetic.
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