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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
You still haven't answered the question...
Because "everything going right" means Beckham still posts an OPS+ of about 60. It doesn't mean he hits .300 with 30 bombs. That's ridiculously far-fetched, especially with drug testing.

Everything going right involves Dayan hitting 40 homers but he'll still hit .210 with a .220 OBP.

Everything going right is Danks pitching 200 innings but still having double digit losses because the team can't score.

There isn't a scenario with the current players where we score enough to compete. Not in this division. 18 games against the Tigers? 18 games against the Royals (who shellacked us last year WITHOUT their rebuilt rotation of sox killers). No. This team is probably topping out around .500. 85 is extremely lucky. And how that gets us in the playoffs now anyway is also not very likely. There's some really good teams in the AL, and a lot of talent disparity from the haves and the have-nots in the other divisions. Look at the AL West. Houston and Seattle in the same divisions as LA, Oakland, and Texas?
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