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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
Living in the greater Boston area, I see a completely different picture on fan attendance. I posted this several years ago on WSI as well. Obviously Boston draws well. But I think if you were able to get a listing of Red Sox Season Ticket Holders, more than 60% would be corporate. As Boston's success and prices rose, the average fan got pushed into cheaper seats or gave up. When I say Corporate seats, I am not referring to boxes. In addition to the Corporate boxes, many companies have 6-8-10 grandstand seats. A typical company may have 10 seats. 5 in the Home plate area and 5 more cheaper grandstand seats down the lines. The good seats are used for customers and the lesser seats often given to their employees. I have a Purchasing background so I was constantly getting Red Sox tickets before I retired. My kids live in Boston and also go to 10+ games a year w corporate tics. In fact, I know La Salle Bank had Corporate Tickets when I visited them about 10 years ago. Not sure whose but they all seemed like Cub fans.

If the White Sox do not have an active Corporate Sales Department, that may be a major problem. It might also explain a comment I saw on here that the Cubs get a lot of tourists. That seemed odd to me. Maybe they get are a lot of visiting business people.
This is a good point, and one in which I wonder is not being discussed enough. Before the financial crisis, I wonder if each team had quite a few corporate clients; and trying to cut down on that, if many companies didn't choose Cubs over Sox in that regard.
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