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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Not a Tribe fan by any means, but this is going to be fun to watch. He achieved the 30-30 yesterday with a steal, so he goes out tonight and steals two more. Hes at 37 HR and 32 SB on Sept. 10. Would only be the 5th 40-40 in history if he could pull it off (although Mantle said he could have done it every year if he knew it would be a big deal
He's one of most fun and unlikely superstars that I can remember emerging in a long time. If you showed me a picture of him out of uniform I'd probably take 50 guesses before I got to professional athlete. I hope he gets it.

Who are the other 4? Alfonso Soriano, Bonds, and I'm totally blanking on the other two. Matt Kemp missed it by one a few years back.
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