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Originally Posted by 34rancher View Post
You're right on many levels. And in my everyday life I'm about as positive a person there is. Last year i was wrong in thinking sox would go 72-90. Im still not sure of how they some of the games they did. I'm not sure where they will be this year, but on paper they make me incredibly nervous. I loved the intangibles and intelligence that AJ brought and worry what that will bring.
When it come to Chicago sports lately, I just have not liked the intangibles of a few of the players. I think power is important, but I prefer consistnecy and day to day production much more. The 2005 team was great because they could do so many things well to score runs and beat you. They didn't rely on the 40+ home run guy who strikes out 200+ times. I've never been a fan of the Thome/Dunn type player. The sox have really only done well with one team like that in the last 30 years and that was 83 luzinski/kittle. There have been 3 players who I think are polarizing figures for where people stand for this team: peavy, rios, and Dunn. I have been pretty vocal in my dislike of peavy and Dunn on sox and pretty vocal in support of the tools Alex brings. I think the high salaries vs the return haven't really been productive and at times hinders the teams finances. Only time will tell, but the Tigers are gonna be formidable.
As for trades, I don't see any on horizon. I'm not real sure of contract status and who will be trade bait at the deadline. Anyone know that?
We should probably stop making the Thome/Dunn comparison. I kinda like Dunn, but he's nowhere near the hitter Jim Thome was. Thome regularly hit near .300, along with the walks, and didn't strike out quite as much.

Also, looking at it in a macro sense, the two main things the '05 Sox did were to hit a ton of homers and have really, really good starting pitching. I know it's not what a lot of statisticians love, but I like it. It was the only thing that won for my favorite team, and I think this team could do that.
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