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Default Re: Am I the only guy who likes Manuel?

Originally posted by lowesox
I think the people on this website can be really hard on the sox sometimes. And while I have taken some sharp stabs at KW in the past - I think I've finally found a point where I'm happy with all of the players, and all of the management.

I think Manuel a pretty good manager. Sure, he never blows a gasget - and that's important. But in general I usually agree with his pitching changes, and I like that the way he works the lineup.

The truth is, I'm not sure any Manager would be liked on this site with the way some posters are.

Am I the only person here who's really happy with this team? Until this season my favourite sox team of all time was 1993 (I loved the pitching staff) - now it's this year.
The next manager who receives MY unrequited love will be the first one since 1917 who wins a World Series.
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