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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
I'm OK blaming Hahn for not re-signing AJ.

But give him credit for acquiring Gillaspie, who originally was on the bench but has performed well as the starter.

Paulie has not "been regressing for years." To claim otherwise is BS.

DeAza had a productive 2012; there was no reason to believe he would forget how to hit.

Viciedo had a productive 2012; there was no way to predict he would get hurt.
Frater, I think we're gonna disagree on assessment.

Paulie's been down mostly due to injuries, yes. But injuries are the concern with someone his age.

De Aza has a very long swing. It's caught up to him.

Viciedo did not have a productive 2012. He hit some home runs. Dude had less than a .300 on base average. He might have been the worst every day player in baseball last year.

I do like Gillespie, but I don't think that's enough not to want Hahn gone.
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