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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I heard a radio ad the other day that insisted the meaning of Memorial Day is buying furniture. I wasn't offended, though, just amused.

I wouldn't have been offended by the White Sox tweet, even if I cared about tweets. But if I were the White Sox, I would have to be be concerned if a promotional tweet was found insensitive. I wouldn't want to alienate fans.

I don't know if the tweet was insensitive as today's visiting team mascot, but if I'm the White Sox, that isn't my problem.
It's interesting how the "offensiveness" (lack thereof) of this tweet ties in to the visitor's mascot. But nobody will make the connection, nor care. And I don't even think I'm allowed to explain it here, either *sigh*.

It's unfortunate that the loudest voices are the ones that get listened to, and get to write the rules. Alternate opinions are sometimes shut down and can't be voiced.
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I was a doubter, but maybe, just maybe we can win with pitching, defense and fundamentals.