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Originally Posted by Wedema View Post
So the Kids Days and $1 tickets are probably gone. So, if I used to take my daughter and a friend and bought a $40 lower deck ticket it would cost me $42 for all 3 of us. Now, if I want lower deck it will cost me $45 for all three of us. Once again, the Sox are spinning it like it is a great deal but it is actually about the same as the past.

As far as the autographs go, last year 3 of the 5 Kids Day autograph sessions were cancelled due to the heat (May and June) and a slight drizzle in August (even though a bunch of Mariners signed in the drizzle). And, the Fan Appreciation Day autograph session was cancelled because the players did not feel like signing (what I was told at Guest Relations).
No, they are spinning it like it's a great deal because it's a great deal.

I don't disagree that kids' days in the past were pretty good deals as well.

Your case is that it cost you $45 in 2013 vs. $42 last year for 1 adult and 2 kids. Fair enough. Did you drive? Because now you are saving $15 in parking, so your net total is $12 savings.

Even if you didn't drive and you are now paying $3 more than last year's kids days- you have the opportunity to have this value EVERY SUNDAY vs. the 5 kids' days last year. Last year on the 8 other Sundays, your 3 lower deck tickets were costing you $120, not $42.

I often come from out of town on Sunday to go to games. Myself, my wife, my dad, and my 2 kids. Last year, to sit in the lower deck, that was $40 x 3 for adult tickets, $1 x 2 for kids tickets, and $25 parking = $147 (on the Kids' Days- for a regular Sunday game it would be $225.)

This year: $15 x 5 for tickets + $10 parking= $85. That's a difference of $140 off a regular Sunday and $62 off a kids Sunday!

If I wanted to go cheap and sit in the upper deck corners, I can get a family of 5 into the game + parking for $35 total. Plus autographs and the kids get to run the bases.

That is a phenomenal value that is as good as there is anywhere in Major League Baseball.

The White Sox are doing this right, and they deserve nothing but compliments for the revamping of their pricing model.

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