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Originally Posted by btrain929 View Post
I heard his frame is better suited for 2B. Do you think he could stick at SS? Either way, no matter how you flip flop it, a future middle combination of Alexei and Beckham is very tantalizing. It's far away, and a good amount of development and improvement has to be involved, but it's still a nice thought.
Yeah, I think the same thing. He's not a big guy by any means. I think they're being generous saying he's 6'-185.

He could definitely be moved to 2B, but that'll be determined as he goes along. Hopefully they'll get him signed so he can play a little bit before the minor league season ends. Maybe the Arizona Fall League is in the plans. It wouldn't shock me if had a September callup in 2009, and an everyday player in 2010.
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