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It all would have depended on what other teams were asking for which no one except Schueler knows for sure.

Some clubs might have wanted higher prospects, some lower ones, we don't know.

We do know that Sox pitchers were falling left and right and the inactivity not only hurt the 2000 season but also gutted the 2001 season and ended careers.

In a perfect situation, if the Sox say went to the World Series every eight to 10 years or regularly made the playoffs then I understand the point completely.

History shows though the Sox don't do it for whatever reason or reasons, so when the opportunity comes along, you have to go for it in my opinion.

It's an interesting debate point though.

History does show though that Schueler was overconservative with his prospects in general during his tenure. Most of them never worked out (as most minor leaguers fall into that category...) You can make the case that philosophy also cost potential postseason appearances in 1991 and 1996. You can't win a World Series if you never get there in the first place.

I recall Jack McDowell telling me along the lines that the Sox had some very good teams in the 90's but were always "one player short somewhere" and that seemed to always wind up killing them.


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