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Originally Posted by Milw View Post
Does Konerko deserve to have 100% of the Chicago media attention, or does he deserve to be relegated to the last 30 seconds of the local news and page 5 of the sports section? Because if you do it on Sunday, against Bears-Packers, it's a total afterthought to the vast majority.

The Yankees are retiring #2 on like Sept. 7 or something. Not sure why some here have this last-day-of-the-season fixation as if that's The Way It Has To Be.
You're exactly right. If the Sox' ceremony for Konerko is on the same day as Bears-Packers, there will be more coverage in the papers regarding how Patrick Mannelly's successor as the Bears' long snapper is progressing than info and quotes from Konerko.

Shoot, there might be more stuff in the papers regarding the Cubs' minor-league players. Heaven forbid one or more of those guys are called up or already playing in the bigs.

At least on Saturday for Sunday's paper, the primary competition for space would be college football.

For what he's done for the Sox, Konerko deserves as much ink as possible.
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