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No doubt #14 will be retired. It's been obvious since opening day with the gap they left on the new display of retired numbers.

I wouldn't have a problem with #56 being retired, but I don't think it's a certainty to happen.

#13? No way. If he had a long, distinguished tenure as manager then I'd see it. But, I don't think 2005 plus his career as a SS for the Sox are enough.

Originally Posted by PalehosePlanet View Post
Agreed 100%. I know Red is the only one of our greats from the teens and 20's to make it into the uniform number era which began in 1931. The first 17 seasons he played w/us he had no uniform number.

To go a bit further -- and most on this board disagreed w/me when I mentioned this before -- I've always felt that our old Hall of Fame players from that era have not been recognized enough by the Sox. Luke Appling and Ted Lyons at least have had their numbers retired and their names are therefore visible in the stadium, but Faber and our pre-number HOF'ers like Big Ed Walsh, Eddie Collins and Ray Schalk have no statue and obviously no retired number. They just seem kind of forgotten overall.

The near HOF'ers like Baines, Pierce and Minoso all have statues, but a HOF'er like Big Ed Walsh who has the best ERA in the history of MLB does not? Doesn't make sense to me.
I agree. I've been puzzled as to why Luke Appling - easily one of the greatest Sox players ever - doesn't have a statue. Incredible that the Sox have managed to put eight statues in the concourse and Appling somehow did not make the cut of that honor.

But, I think you're right. His fault is having played before the Go Go era.

He may have played a long time ago, but I still remember him hitting a HR at MLB's old-timers game in 1982 at age 75!
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