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Originally Posted by ChiTownTrojan View Post
Of course he still has work to do. Is that your main point that you're trying to make? I don't think anybody thinks he is a finished product. One or two people suggested promoting him now to AAA but I would agree with you that this is too soon, he's only got just over 100 PA at AA and there's no need to rush him. But I also wouldn't call his performance over the past month or two "alarming" in any way.

One thing about Madrigal that the numbers don't take into account is that he seems to have all the intangibles you could ever want in a player. Coaches/teammates just gush about how "baseball smart" he is. That's not easy to quantify, but it could be part of the reason why he has brought winning with him wherever he goes (including recently to Birmingham, who was struggling before his arrival and are now leading the league).
Yep- sometimes 1+1=3, adding him to an infield of Moncada/Anderson/Abreu/Vaughn (along with an outfield that will include Eloy & Robert)- and I'll sacrifice a little Xbase power for defense, speed, intangibles, etc.
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