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I don't think either the South Loop or West Side locations were a good idea, due to the possible shady deals, traffic, and/or sharing with other teams.

And if Addision went through, I'm convinced the Sox could have left town, since they would have cut ties with the city and a large part of the fanbase. Had they not planned things properly economically, they'd easily could have found a better deal in another city, with no Chicago dealmakers or fan ties to keep them here.

Besides, the Sox staying in Bridgeport was a big deal back then.

IMO, where they are now was the best move, even though some choices made weren't the best - like facing the stadium south, not north; not redeveloping neighborhood businesses that were torn down (like how Arsenal redeveloped the surrounding area after building Emirates) instead of leaving big parking lots, stadium design errors (plus Jerry being in love with Dodgers Stadium, that forced architects hands) that have been partially rectified, etc.

I often wonder how much better the Cell would be had they stayed in Comiskey 2-4 more years and seen the impact of Camden Yards' city views and architecture, and the stadiums built afterwards.

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