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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Don't let anybody tell you differently, Einhorn wanted to move the White Sox to St. Pete. When the White Sox agreed to stay in Chicago, Einhorn sold virtually all of his White Sox stock to JR. He then disappeared from the scene in Chicago and moved to Arizona. I was surprised to see him at the World Series parade. He is rarely here in Chicago. Maybe he was badly wounded by the Sportsvision fiasco. He thought the franchise was better off in Florida. He didn't like playing second fiddle to the Cubs here. I have no doubt in my mind that he would of still rather moved the team to Florida. He would of rather been a big fish in a small pond than play second fiddle to the Cubs. He even threw a dig at White Sox fans the week of the final stadium vote when he said "I really don't know how much of a fanbase the White Sox have in Chicago". Former sportswriter Jerome Holtzman responded by saying'' Did he forget the 2 million plus people the White Sox drew in 1983 and 1984"? He not only was wrong about Sportsvision but he was also wrong about St. Pete. The present ownerships handling of Sportsvision and the stadium issue have hurt the franchise badly.
Your information is not correct. Florida was no more than a fallback. Einhorn lives in New Jersey, not Arizona. Your financial information is also incorrect as to why he sold.
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