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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
I hope that Reinsdorf sells out before the lease expires, to someone like Mark Cuban, a billionaire who will build a new stadium with a retractable roof in the South Loop. He got shut out of the Cub purchase, but he knows that these franchises do not depreciate, and are a decent investment.
I just hope JR sells. Soon

I work in Elk Grove - weeknight games are at least a one hour commute. Just sitting on 290. Every single time. Just sitting in traffic. Sometimes close to 90 minutes desk to gate

I live in Downers Grove. If the Stevenson doesn't have lane closures (which happen quite frequently) the drive home after the game is less than hour. And this includes a stop in Clearing to drop off the friend I meet at the game. He works downtown and takes the Red Line to the games

We do very few weekend games, and we choose a few get-away weekday games. I love those games - the 1/2 day of work followed by the afternoon off at the game. But then I have a 90 minute drive home on the Stevenson. arghhh - just sitting in traffic

I am sick and tired of the pre-game drive but I continue to do it, despite the hassle. 14 games a year, mostly weeknight games. I'll keep doing it - no matter what - because I like going to Sox games. It's always a good time - even if they get blow a late lead.
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