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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
The Sox draft position is very overblown as an excuse as to why they haven't developed players. The only 2 players on the 2005 world championship team the White Sox didn't pass on during the draft were Konerko who went to LA with the 13th pick in 1994. The Sox picked 26th that year and picked Mark Johnson, and Jon Garland who was picked 10th in 1997. The Sox had the 15th pick that year and chose Jason Dellaro, one spot in front of Houston selecting Lance Berkman. There has always been good players available when their turn to select has come up, and for years they made bad decisions.
I hate the draft position argument, you can look all across baseball and find top-tier players that 30 teams passed on multiple times. It's less about drafting and more about how you develop those guys, in my mind. There is going to be talent no matter what round you pick, it's about finding what you want and knowing how to develop them into what you want.
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