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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Says what a lot of us felt that after Gordon our draft was really suspect.

He went so far to say we would have been bottom 5 before picking up Flowers and signing Dayan (although he thinks Dayan is too heavy).
Oooh, so we hopped up 3 spots in his meaningless rankings? He thinks Dayan is too heavy, . In other words, 'I haven't seen him play, I hear he's a big boy, and he's a member of the White Sox organization...not a keeper.'

Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post

In Callis' chat today he mentioned that he had us at #14.
Unless that's a typo, which is possible, that's like the ultimate Sox-farm-system-hater's nightmare. 1)They're not rated in the bottom half of the league and 2)The best in talent evaluation, the almighty Twins, are behind them. No, no, it can't be true. Aren't the Twins the unanimous #1?

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