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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
So if you were a GM and needed an OF you would rather give up a top prospect for Alex Rios than keep the top prospect and just sign one of the guys mentioned?

I really am amazed at the number of posters who want to see him patroling RF next season. I would have thought they would be more like me, the replacement is ready, the money can be used elsewhere, his attitude at times is indifferent, don't ask for too much Mr. Hahn. I just think the Sox should obviously try to max out on the return, but I see this as an opportunity for more financial flexibility, and I doubt Rios' value is going to jump much in the next year, nor do I think he is in the long term plans for this team. I do think the Sox should try to buy a prospect here, throw in some money for someone who actually may contribute someday, but the price would have to be reasonable. $4-5 million for someone in their top 3 could work. Pay the balance of this years money, they get Rios for their pennant drive for no financial cost. The Sox get a decent prospect and flexibility in the offseason.
They could use that money for their system and start competing internationally for prospects.
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