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Originally Posted by KRS1 View Post
How the **** can Rick conscienably keep Collins on the bench and use Rondon at DH? Such a ****ing joke. Hell, I'd rather watch Palka than Rondon at DH and you don't waste your only backup IF.
Collins hit .175 vs LHP in AAA- he's not going to start vs. Boyd.

Palka hit .175 vs. LHP at AAA.

Personally- I'd rather see Mercedes on the roster than Palka while Anderson is out- he could DH vs. LHP, and be an emergency catcher when Collins DH's vs. RHP (and McCann is behind the plate,etc.). He is absolutely raking at AA/AAA this year- hitting ~.450 vs. LHP combined, and he's only 26 yo.

You can't carry 13 pitchers and a AAAA/platoon DH (vs. RHP) guy like Palka without really limiting your options.
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