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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I would like to see Montreal get a team back and your right it does make sense with the rivalrys. The idea I really like is that the Expos get back their franchise history from the Nationals. Then you could give the city of Washington their team history from the Twins. I don't think the Twins even care about their history in Washington, nor should they care. I doubt too many Arizona Cardinals fans care about the old Chicago Cardinals so why would a Twin fan care about the old Senators.
The Nationals do not care about their Montreal history: they have retired numbers from a few Expos players, and their TV play-by-play guy is a former Expo, but apart from this they very much shy away from it. You can't get on the jumbotron at Nationals Park if you are wearing Expos gear.

On the other hand, they already make a lot of use of the Senators history: they wear Senators jerseys from time to time and sell them in their gift shop.
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