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Originally Posted by WhiteSoxNation View Post
Beckham is in the odd category that he hits Righties better than Lefties.

.251/.297/.397 vs R
.199/.288/.303 vs L

Batting #2 .258/.305/.402<---Nothing special but his best splits.

He's a .162 hitter with 2 strikes on him, including 3-2 counts, which means he's clearly guessing or the book on him is to just not throw a strike w/ 2 strikes on him.

Batting him #2, seeing fastballs, putting on the hit and run, getting him swinging the bat early may help.

Men on 2nd or 3rd he ballons to a .326 hitter (aka DeAza on 2nd).

.207 hitter in high leverage situations, again probably stemming from pressing or guessing.

vs LHP .317/.342/.473

vs LHP ---A. Sanchez .273/.349/.360

Assuming A. Sanchez is our backup INF.

We've now turned our normal .235/.301/.386 production from 2B into
.267/.330/.376 by the platoon of not playing G.B. vs LHP.

I know its not a huge jump, but every bit helps.
I don't know much about Sanchez's defense vs. Beckham, but the defensive difference between Keppinger and Beckham is probably larger than that gain. I'd only do this if Beckham takes over at 3rd.
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