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Beckham is in the odd category that he hits Righties better than Lefties.

.251/.297/.397 vs R
.199/.288/.303 vs L

Batting #2 .258/.305/.402<---Nothing special but his best splits.

He's a .162 hitter with 2 strikes on him, including 3-2 counts, which means he's clearly guessing or the book on him is to just not throw a strike w/ 2 strikes on him.

Batting him #2, seeing fastballs, putting on the hit and run, getting him swinging the bat early may help.

Men on 2nd or 3rd he ballons to a .326 hitter (aka DeAza on 2nd).

.207 hitter in high leverage situations, again probably stemming from pressing or guessing.

vs LHP .317/.342/.473

vs LHP ---A. Sanchez .273/.349/.360

Assuming A. Sanchez is our backup INF.

We've now turned our normal .235/.301/.386 production from 2B into
.267/.330/.376 by the platoon of not playing G.B. vs LHP.

I know its not a huge jump, but every bit helps.
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