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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
I don't side with Yankee fans on this one at all. Were Yankee fans aghast that Reggie Jackson, after having a fine season and leading the AL in slugging percentage in 1976, left a great Orioles team with a Hall of Fame manager in Earl Weaver to go play for the Yankees? Please. I am sure that Yankee fans could care less. And those Orioles were in the middle of a historically great era under Weaver. They would win pennants again in 1979 and, unfortunately, in 1983 under manager Joe Altobelli.

And, you know, Seattle sure sounds a lot more appealing to me than New York. It is sure fun to visit New York but given its size and lack of space, it must pose certain difficulties and challenges for anyone living there.

I am sure that Robinson Cano is quite happy with his decision to sign with Seattle.
Oriole fans and the Orioles team were pretty happy to see Jackson go. If anyone was mad, it was Oakland fans. At the same time, Oakland deserved what they got, They win three straight WS titles and only average 10.000 fans. If I was Reggie Jackson, I woulda bolted for the East Coast too. Also this was the start of free agency so the comparison is ridiculous.

Cano is leaving a great baseball city for a city that barely even knows they have a baseball team. Before you tell me Seattle is a great baseball town, i'm gonna tell ya. No it's really not. I realize it's Cano's life and he can do what he wants but someday it will eat at him for leaving and if it doesn't then like I said he never deserved to wear a Yankee uniform.
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