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Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
Yes, I have met scouts and a couple former GMs. Roland Hemond was a super nice guy, BTW. The fact that Chris Sale was drafted, at all, proves your theory that all scouts believe he will absolutely get hurt is incorrect. When you start with an impossible-to-prove absolute as an argument, you've lost already.

Had you argued, say, "I worry that Chris Sale's frame and delivery put him at great risk and many experts on the subject agree with me," your argument would be valid. But no, you always decide to go with grandiose absolute statements that undermine your argument immediately.

As far as the argument about Sale's health goes, I am not as concerned. I think that if he was going to have a major injury, the most likely year it would have occurred in was last season (his first pitching close to 200 innings). He didn't get hurt. That argument has nothing to do with semantics. It is based on reality. And I didn't overstate anything, undermining my point.
Oh I see. So it's negative to believe that he's likely to get hurt despite everything that's been said on the matter, but it's perfectly okay to believe there's little reason to believe he'll get hurt despite everything that's been said on the matter. Because, you know, kool-aid. Got it. As long as that's your take and not based on anything solid. Just making sure we understand each other. And that after six pages you haven't once made a legitimate counterpoint to the notion and continue to argue semantics.

BTW, if you knew anything about that draft, you'd know that Sale fell to us BECAUSE of his injury concerns, and because most scouts felt that for him to have a successful career, he'd be in the pen.
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