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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I really don't care that deeply about prospects until they're on the cusp on making the Show.
I certainly understand that point. Until we have a guy ready to go, he is back of the burner. I'll keep an eye on the low minors, just to stay informed, but the hell if I am going to pretend that any of these guys in the low minors are significant to what really matters. I care - I hope they all are stars or that they have enough trade value to get us pieces of importance. But they won't be.

I do think some people make individual players and choices made with the farm out to be more important than it really is. I mean - we traded HOFers away at an astounding pace (Reed, Young, etc.) If only they would have stayed here, had the right coaching, etc. - they'd be well on the way to Cooperstown.

And at this point it is far far far to early to have an informed opinion to call Danks a bust.
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