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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Buddy Bell gets more praise for no accomplishment than anyone ever involved with the White Sox. As soon as I see some production at the major league level from White Sox farmhands he has had a role in developing, he will get credit from me. I still see that as a ways off.
You're more optimistic then me.

KW has done a horrible job running with the farm system. I see no reason for optimism until he's gone. This is his 10th draft and what do we have to show form the farm system.

I've been railing on this issue for years and I remember a certain individual who posts (or used to post here) who thought himself a minor league expert and basically insulted my lack of knowledge. He assured me that it takes years to rebuild a system and that Schueler created a mess to fix. I personally never had an issue with Schueler.

I do have an issue with KW's inability to realize the importance of having a productive farm system. I have my theories why things are bad, but don't follow it closely enough. All I know is the results of the last 10 drafts speak for themselves and this is pretty much GIGO--Garbage in, Garbage out.

So KW's inability to draft and devlop talent---or hire the right people with the right philosophies and the right scouts--to do that pretty much makes this upcoming rebuilding process a long, painful one.

At least this one individual should be quite happy. He said it's hard to maintain a good farm system when consistently picking in the teens and twenties with your first round pick. The way things are set up now, the Sox should have a few top 10 picks in their future. What's going to be the excuse when those guys fail?

It pisses me off to say it, but I think it's going to be a long, painful 3-5 years for Sox fans, unless of course they decide to deficit spend to get people out to the stadium.

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