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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
The Royals farm system has been stocked with "MVP potential" talent for years and it hasn't produced an 80-win season since 2003.

I like this move a lot for Kansas City. Unfortunately.
I agree. The Royals have tried to add pitching in the past but always went for the wrong ones like Gil Meche or Jonathon Sanchez. This time, they added one really good one and one solid pitcher. Also, if Ervin Santana chooses next year to have one of his good seasons, then the Royals have a decent shot at competing in this division. I feel this trade likely has made the AL Central a 3 horse race. The only plus to this trade is that hopefully, this means KC will give Detroit more of a fight in 2013 so maybe things will even out a bit. We already know the Sox struggle against them regardless of who is on the bump.
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