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Originally Posted by skobabe8 View Post
Like who?
Rozner and Spiegel. Spiegel mentioned that he got the info from someone "very close to the team" and wanted to share it. Prefaced it with saying how he normally doesn't do something like this, and he's not a guy that has sources or info very often, but felt that this part of the story was important to pass along.

Mentioned several specific things too:
- Early in the season Robin wanted to allow young players to have their girlfriends on the team charter and AJ was furious over it and would tell anyone who would listen.
- Mentioned that AJ felt like the veterans should get special treatment, while Robin was trying to treat all the same.
- Talked about how Coop and Parent both disliked AJ and didn't want to even talk with him at times.
- Suggested that AJ's nickname throughout the clubhouse was "Satan".
- Said pitchers didn't want to throw to AJ.

There may have been other things he mentioned and some of these may not be summarized up exactly as they were said, but this is the gist of what they were saying. I mean, take it all for what it's worth, but Spiegel generally isn't the type to throw things out there like this (a la Bernstein). Rozner also backed him up on several of the things he was saying and added to several of the stories.

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